What Students Say…

Check out what some of our students say about us:

Yuhang Chen, Certificate in Standard English 2:

I’ve been improving my English vocabulary and grammar. I think our teachers are great, because I found I already improved a lot in three weeks. I’ve been learning how to pronounce the word correctly and clearly. I have also been learning how to relax myself, I think those are useful for me.

The best thing is that we have nice teachers. They always make the class become fun and relaxed. We don’t feel bored, so we can learn more things. Our teachers always make a nice atmosphere for us.

I think the best moment was when we were playing games and having fun together. I think that is good for our friendship.

Zhao Liang Heng, Certificate in Standard English 2:

So far, I have learned many things in school. I have been laughing more. Since class began, I have learned to never give up. There is no doubt that I learned persistence. My teachers always encouraged me when I wanted to give up. At first, I could only say a few words and a few sentences . Thanks to their encouragement, I have learned many things. After attending CSE, I can now speak many more words. I know now that if I keep going, I can do it.

Wang Jing Ling, Certificate in Standard English 2:

The best thing in CSE2 class has been the community. I like the atmosphere of this class. Teachers have always made games to help us learn about English and also the games can make my classmates become closer as friends.


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