PCO(I) AND PCO SENIORS (WEEK 30): How do we grow in what we do?

In the video, we learnt that the Growth mindset believes that no matter where you are, you can grow to become better. In the Fixed mindset, one believes that intelligence is innate and there is nothing you can do about it.


Some questions for discussion today:

1. What do you believe is your ‘talent’?

2. What do the difficult puzzles represent in your life?

3. Are there situations where you believe you must persist in the face of setbacks?

4. Are there areas in your life where effort has led to better fruit?

5. Traditionally, we always think of people with good language skills as ‘those who have it’, and for those who do not do well, we think it’s impossible. How has this changed your views?

6. Are there areas in language learning where repeated effort will bring about better results?


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