“Seasons”- an essay by Russell Ho, 1-1A (2013)

seasonsThe landscape of countries can change as the seasons pass; the very same country or landscape can change as the seasons pass. In summer, an orchard may look vibrant and warm with inviting and vivacious colors, whereas in winter, the very same location can look unwelcoming and to some individuals. It is terrifying as the seasons come and go and so do memories.

Spring is a season associated with rebirth. As winter is associated with death and solace, spring is when the frozen submission of winter has been released from the land and the loving warm embrace of spring settles in. As the land breathes in the warmth of spring, life begins anew. Flowers begin to bloom, animals awake from their long sleepy hibernation cycles and memories of happiness are recreated as spring represents a new beginning, as it represents forgiveness as the land was once abandoned and left to die in the desolate grip of ice and snow. This is why spring is associated with love and affection.

Summer is the season of happiness and creation as it is the warmest season of the year many individuals of all walks of life come and bathe in the sunlight and enjoy the salty breeze of the sea. Summer is also the most generous season as many gifts are produced in the short three months of the year. Fruits such as apricots and apples are best tasting in this time of the year as they have been soaked in the lovely radiance of the sun. But for people, some would argue that in summer the most enjoyable thing is spending long hours near the shore as they can enjoy the breeze and the calming serenity of the waves enveloping the coast.

As the days grow colder and the warmth fades away from the hearts of the people, autumn settles in. This is the season of repentance and forgiveness; this is the season of transition. Autumn is a beautiful season where you see animals and plants preparing themselves for the harshness of winter, it is here that people choose to atone for their past sins and the wrongdoings they have done as one must be prepared and have an open heart for the long nights and short days.

As the sun says its goodbyes and the radiance disappears, ice forms and the cold settles in; the lovely singing of birds is no longer absent as they have migrated to warmer climates. The absence of animals is also unsettling as they have all dispersed into their cozy burrows to hibernate the season of sadness away. As the icy clutch of winter settles in, death comes for the unprepared. However there is always light to be found in the darkest corners of the world. Christmas is perhaps the only thing to look forward to in the season of solace. All is accepted regardless of their sins and people come together to celebrate the love of family as the epilogue of the year. As the cycle restarts, so will the habits of people.



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