PCS Exercise: Writing Thesis Statements & Topic Sentences

“In life, there are no mistakes – only lessons.” What is your opinion?


Based on what you learned about the five characteristics of good thesis statements and topic sentences today, write

  1. a thesis statement
  2. three topic sentences (one for each paragraph)

for the essay question above.

Do check your grammar and vocabulary, as accurate English helps the reader to understand what you are communicating.


5 responses to “PCS Exercise: Writing Thesis Statements & Topic Sentences

  1. In life,there were no mistakes,only lessons.
    Everyone will win,loss,or be cheat in their life.there were no mistakes. More of these always full with your lessons.
    You will always take trouble,and solve problem.
    You should change bravely every lessons.
    You got something from lessons,take your prize.

  2. – in my opinion, I disagree with this quote.
    – the live is not always successful.
    – when we have some troubles, we should overcome them and learn something from them.
    – live is given us challenges

  3. I would not say agree with this quote.

    – People make mistakes. It’s obvious.
    – However, sometimes it’s not a lesson. Killing or stealing definitely not considered as a lesson.
    – Thinking that every step you have, is it a mistake or not.

  4. -In my opinions, I will disagree with this quote.
    -this quote may be someone’s excuse if we accept this quote in our mind. Futhermore, it may cause people become accustom to use this quote frequently.
    -it also shows someone’s attitude and responsibility on how he treats the mistakes which he did instead of just keep saying this quote to avoid helpful but hurt comments.
    -it is true that this quote can help some people feel relief and more comfortable after they did mistakes. However, they still need to know what they did and learn to avoid it happen again

  5. 1 I would disagree with this quote, in life, mistakes will sometimes be made regardless of the lessons that we learn.
    2 There are many reasons as to why sometimes mistakes are made.
    3 Mistakes can happen happen when we don’t realise what is wrong
    4 we can learn from our mistakes by improving our skills

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